Hello! welcome to my site! this is a reaaaaaaaallly long line of text, just to show you how annoying it is to read. I'm planning on filling this window with shitloads of text, like so much text that reading it is actually painful. When you get to one end of the screen, you have to move your eyes alllllll the way over to the other side, and that's not fun! I enjoy playing bass guitar, eating ramen and praying to satan for the eventuality of the destruction of all humankind. It's an acquired taste. Satan speaks to me sometimes. He tells me I'm pretty :o Do you think I'm pretty? One day I wanna grow up, I wanna be a big rock and roll star, wanna grow up and be so no-one fucks with me yeah. Hmmm... is this enough text yet? Maybe I should write some more. Oh, there's a cool shop in town that sells lots of leather jackets and knives and metal band patches and dragon statues and band t-shirts and it's generally REALLY COOL, but in amongst all of that you've got a swastika flag. I'm not kidding, full on nazi swastika. I don't appreciate the association that the metal/punk scene has with nazis, it makes me upset to be me. Anyway, that's it. This was a long text of the lesser-insane variety for this website I guess.