hi! my name is , I'm 15 years old and I'm a PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR! My favorite TV show is Invader Zim, and Jhonen Vasquez is AWESOME!!!! one day I hope to join a secret organization and FIGHT ALIENS, just like Dib does in Invader Zim. But I'm a little fuckhead who didn't!

Sometimes, I lie in bed at night thinking about HOW COOL it would bee to just get intno a spacesh ip 1and fly theoroh the sTaarRRRz!!!!!! ! ----> PEWEWWWWWWWW B============D~~ that's my rocketshit ok the IT tezcher says I need to wrap this up now, so THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY SITE!!!11!!!! XD

I am an employee at and recently there was would rather the general public know nothing about this incident so it can't be tied back to them, but subject must NOT be allowed to
WE CANNOT CONTAINMENT WAS oh my god Gloria I'm so sorry IF IT GETS ONTO THE INTERNET IT'S ALL MY STUPID FUCKING FAULT AND NOW ppears to be leaking just COMPLETELY FUCKING RANDOM SHIT from my hard drike from when I was in hawaven IT doesn't want to be found ou ...fuck